Welcome to 
Birralee International Kindergarten!

Birralee International Kindergarten is a two-language kindergarten where Norwegian and English are used daily.   


We originate from more than 20 different countries and we are proud of the representation from throughout the world. Our diversity makes us richer.


Safe, happy and empathic children

Our kindergarten has three groups with children from 3 to 6 years of age.  We protect the magic of childhood with care for children's safety and understanding of their needs, no matter each child’s cultural background.

Our Kindergarten appreciates the importance of creating a secure and relaxed atmosphere, where children of all nationalities work and play happily together. We aim to promote international understanding both in and out of kindergarten and to encourage high standards of ethics and behaviour amongst the children in our every-day activities.

The Norwegian government has set a goal that "all children should master Norwegian before they start school". It emphasizes that kindergartens must offer children a rich language environment so the children can develop their language skills ​​in a positive way. 

A rich linguistic environment requires the kindergarten staff to have good expertise in languages ​​and multilingualism, as well as knowledge of how they can facilitate holistic development.


Language is essential for learning, social relationships and friendship. In the longer term, language development is crucial to being a participant in a modern democracy and in a knowledgeable and educated community.

Birralee International Kindergarten is private and owned by a foundation.  We share facilities with Birralee International School at Kalvskinnet School in Trondheim.

Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday, 07.30 - 16.30.


You are welcome to visit our kindergarten.