Dear Parents                                                   (3 December 2020)

Despite the limitations of the Corona virus situation, we look forward to some time with family this season, in whatever form it may take, and hope the families of each of the children in the kindergarten similarly enjoy a restful and cheerful holiday.  

This week we closed registration for children to attend the kindergarten on 28, 29 and 30 December, when we will have significantly reduced staffing. 

Based on responses, we will have just one cohort with six children for these three days. The kindergarten will only be open for those who have registered. 

If you are planning to not have your child in the kindergarten 21, 22 and/or 23 December, we would appreciate those of you who have not responded to the survey to inform us.  

The kindergarten will be closed 24 and 25 December, 31 December and 1 January.  It will reopen on Monday, 4 January 2021 and we look forward to returning in the new year with a refreshed outlook.


The Corona situation will linger on with ups and downs in infection rates and we remain within the yellow level, indicating frequent cleaning indoors and social distancing measures both indoors and out among cohorts.  


Should the epidemic return to the drastic levels we experienced earlier in the year, it is important that the kindergarten has an accurate record of children whose parents are employed in critical society functions.  


The Norwegian government’s emergency response committee considers the following 15 functions to be critical to society:

  • Government and crisis management

  • Defense

  • Law and order

  • Health and care services

  • Rescue services

  • IT security in the civilian sector

  • Nature and environment

  • Security of supply 

  • Water and wastewater

  • Financial services

  • Power supply

  • Electronic communication services

  • Transport

  • Satellite-based services

  • Pharmacies


If one or both parents work in one of these fields, during level red periods their children are entitled to longer kindergarten hours and will be grouped into a designated cohort. If you are employed in one of these sectors, please send me a message to ensure your child is (children are) recognized.

Dear Parents                                            (1 December 2020)

Effective 1 January, 2021, the monthly kindergarten fee will increase by 95 kr per month to 3230 kr from 3135 kr previously.


Birralee International Kindergarten follows the payment scheme of Trondheim kommune, which has set the rate above for a full-time place.


The kindergarten’s monthly food cost remains unchanged at 400 kr per month.


If you have any questions, please let me know.

Hello Parents                                                 (25 November 2020)

What is happening in the Kindergarten nowadays?

As I said in the mail last week, we are monitoring the pandemic situation closely and making sure we do everything we can to keep your children and the staff safe. I thank you for all your understanding and patience.

It is equally important that both me as the leader of the kindergarten and the rest of the staff maintain good communication with parents in this situation, so I'm glad to say that the parent committee (PC) had its first meeting this week. I'm looking forward to having good cooperation with the PC and getting feedback from the parent group through them. I encourage you all to participate and contribute.


The Parent Committee is (listed on the FAU and Parents' Council pages).

Christmas is coming!
On Tuesday the first of December we officially kick start the Christmas month with lighting of the Christmas tree in the kindergarten.  This year we cannot gather all children in the same room as we did last year, so we are going to do it group by group. We will sing Christmas carols and have gingerbread cookies. 

More plans for December will be in my next mail.

We have terminated our contract with Vigilo and will be changing our digital platform from 1 January.  Log-in information for the new platform (app) will follow once we have confirmed our selection.

Feel free to call or send me an e-mail if there is something you want to address directly with me.

Dear Parents                                (12 November 2020)

Two significant events have occurred recently and we wish to address each with parents of Birralee International Kindergarten.


As many of you know, the school and kindergarten’s vaktmester, Arvid, passed away unexpectedly late last week.  The staff was fond of Arvid and each of us, as well as many of the children, have lost a valued Birralee friend and colleague.  It is with sadness that we mark Arvid’s passing, without having an opportunity to share with him our appreciation.


Separately, as you all are certainly aware, in Norway and importantly in Trondheim, Covid-19 activity has affected a significantly greater number of people in recent weeks.  Trondheim kommune has recommended increased measures to control the growth.  We are instituting stricter wellness measures in an effort to ensure the virus is kept out of Birralee.  


Although the kindergarten remains at the middle-tier yellow level (green, yellow, red) as far as safety procedures are concerned, we anticipate a potential return to the strictest red level should the virus outbreak continue to spread.  


If this change occurs, we will re-institute measures that include enhanced social distancing within the kindergarten, aka re-organized kohorts of children, separate play areas indoors and out, and reduced opening hours (with exceptions for children whose parents -- one or both -- are employed in socially critical functions).


In the meantime, Birralee International Kindergarten has initiated a step-up in its safety routines, as follows:

  • Parents are allowed into the building with necessary appointment or agreement of need but limited to their child’s cubby area (garderoben)

  • Parents who enter must sign visitor’s log book and wear a visitor name tag

  • Parents who enter must wash hands or use anti-bac upon entering

  • Parents must practice social distancing measures at delivery and pick-up times and use only the main gate (closest to Prinsensgate).  The other gates are reserved for school use

  • Parents must remember that toys from home are strictly not allowed

  • Parents/families are asked to refrain from use of public transport whenever possible

  • Parents/families are expected to use face masks during public transport


We also ask parents to understand that the changes that will occur under a move to red level can occur very quickly, essentially with immediate effect.  


Employees are also expected to follow these restrictions, e.g., social distancing, use of anti-bac, avoid public transport and use of face masks when using public transport.


In light of these current and potential safety measures, we will make every effort to remain focused on stability and consistency for the benefit of each child, family and staff member.


To communicate with parents, the kindergarten will primarily use e-mail and thereafter post these messages to the Information and Resources page on the kindergarten’s website (  



Trondheim kommune recommends when kindergarten children should remain home because of illness.  

If your child is sick and will stay home, we appreciate a message before 9:30 a.m. to let us know, via e-mail or SMS/text message to you child's group telephone or via Vigilo.


Your child’s well-being is the most critical consideration in the decision of whether a child should stay home.  If our staff thinks your child is not healthy enough to be at kindergarten, we will contact parents to discuss whether the child should be picked up.


We follow the recommendations from Trondheim kommune concerning when and how long a child should be home after an illness.  You can find this information here.



The primary rule stipulates that children should not receive medicine while at kindergarten.  There are strict rules regarding administering medicine at kindergartens.  There are exceptions but first parents are required to complete authorization for staff to be permitted to administer dosages.  In certain situations, parents will need to provide instructions on the proper administering of medicine.  


Our staff does not have authorization to designate doses of medicine, that is, we can only give schedule, pre-measured single dose amount.  Medicine will be stored in a locked room or cabinet, indicating that medicine requiring refrigeration cannot be kept at the kindergarten.


Children must remain home until completion of the first treatment is finished.  Please remember to notify staff if your child has lice so that other families in the kindergarten can be notified to check for signs of an outbreak.


You can find more information about headlice here.


When you bring your child to the kindergarten with cold or Covid-19 symptoms:

If your child has a runny nose and otherwise exhibits good health, they are welcome to attend kindergarten.  


HOWEVER, if you child has one or more symptoms in addition (for example, congestion, cough, sore throat, fatigue, fever, loss of appetite or otherwise not their normal self), you have to keep your child home.


If your child has symptoms of airway infection, please keep your child home for two days to monitor symptoms and, if warranted, Covid-19 testing.  


If your child's symptoms disappear or he or she has only a single respiratory symptom, your child can return to kindergarten after as soon as all conditions are good again.


If your child is tested for Covid-19 and the result is negative, we request that you continue to keep your child home until all conditions that prompted testing have cleared.  


Following receipt of a negative test result, once your child's condition is good they can return to kindergarten with a runny nose or cough.


It is not easy to distinguish a cold from Covid-19 symptoms.  Therefore, it is always essential to use caution.  


The general advice is that parents should maintain a low threshold to keep their child home to be certain of his or her good health before returning to kindergarten.  

If you would like to schedule or inquire about Covid-19 testing, the telephone number is 90 50 90 52.