Our Focus and Priorities

Birralee International Kindergarten follows the Framwork Plan for Kindergarten, and based on play and exploration, we focus on life skills and health. 

We shall promote good physical and mental health by offering a healthy and varied diet, in line with the Norwegian Directorate of Health's recommendations. 

We do this by: 

  • Supporting and helping the children in their interaction, in the community and in forming friendships 

  • Making sure the children get enough rest 

  • Teaching the children to acknowledge their own and others' feelings

It is important to work closely with parents and legal guardians when it comes to the children's packed lunch. In order for the children to get the nutrition they need during a normal day, lunchboxes from home should consist of: 

  • Vegetables and/or fruits

  • Whole grain products 

  • Dinner leftovers 

  • Water for meals and during the day 

We ask the parents please avoid bringing food or drinks high in sugar to kindergarten 

Stories from all over the world 


One of the kindergarten's focus areas is Communication, language and text. We work with this on a daily basis through: 

  • Using adequate language and being linguistic role models 

  • Foucusing on the different mother tongues in the kindergarten 

  • Using songs and rhymes 

  • Being active and participatory adults who support the children in play situations 

  • Inviting and welcoming different types of conversations and reflections 

Our kindergarten represents a rich diversity, and together we learn to meet each other with respect, openness and curiosity by making visible, appreciating and promoting diversity. We aim to get know continets we get acquainted with will also be linked to different time periods and holidays or celebrations, which will be marked. 

The work will be project-based. This gives us more opportunity and time immerse ourselves in what interests the children along the way. We do this by: 

  • Accepting different ways of thinking, acting and living 

  • Ensuring that all children feel pride in their cultures and languages 

  • Working project-based over time with one theme or subject 

  • Having mutual respect for each other and gaining knowledge of different perspectives and ways of life 

  • Making sure children's participation has an integral place in the development of the projects, based on their input, curiosity and creative joy 

On special celebrations and religious holidays, we are happy to invite parents to provide input and contributions from their culture