For the kindergarten year which starts 1 August 2020, Birralee will accept a limited number of children born in 2015, 2016 and 2017. 

The kindergarten sends offers in March to parents who have applied for a place for the kindergarten year starting August each year.  Families must be residents of Trondheim kommune when the kindergarten year starts; families who have not yet relocated to Trondheim can apply for a place.

In case of over subscription, our admission criteria is used.  A draw will take place if applicants are considered to be equal according to the criteria.

The kindergarten does accept new children throughout the year round, provided that there are places available in the child’s age group.

Once children are enrolled, they maintain their place in the kindergarten until they reach school age and are automatically withdrawn or they are withdrawn by a parent/guardian. 

To apply for a place or withdraw a child, parents need to apply via the Trondheim kommune portal for kindergartens.  This application with Trondheim Kommune is completed online:

Parents who do not yet have a Norwegian personal number can contact the Early Childhood and Education Office to request temporary numbers that will allow completion of the application.


Please remember to list Birralee as your first kindergarten choice and to register with Trondheim kommune after January 1, but before February 1 (for children who are already attending a kindergarten in Trondheim) or March 1 (for children who are not attending a kindergarten in Trondheim).  Applications submitted before 1 January for the main admission will be deleted at year end.


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any problems with the electronic application. We are happy to help.

Please read the kindergarten's Code of Practice for more information about its admissions criteria.



Application Deadlines

Transfer admission - 1 February

Main admission - 1 March
Supplemental admission

no deadline,

based on space availability



From 1 January 2020, the monthly fee for a place in the kindergarten is 3230 kr/month + 400 kr/month food cost.  The kindergarten has only full-time places.

Fees include all trips and outings, all books and all materials used in kindergarten.  

The kindergarten invoices are sent in the middle of each month from August through June (no fees in July when the kindergarten is closed for three weeks). 

Sibling discount:

Parents with two or more children attending kindergarten in Trondheim may be entitled to a reduced fee. Applications can be made through Trondheim kommune's kindergarten registration portal.

Discount for financial reasons:

Information about and applications for reduced fees on the basis of financial circumstances can be found on Trondheim kommune's kindergarten registration portal.

You are also welcome to contact the kindergarten leader for more information.